Tuesday, June 19, 2012

big girl.

Today i felt like a big girl. I've been thinking differently about my life, being in this new environment and all, and i'm realizing what is most important to me. It feels so indescribably good to shake off the dirt from the years of growing up, and realizing that today, I am who I want to be. Today I can become that person I dream of. Today I am a big girl. Today I am in the world. Today I can become what i will be out of this world. Today I am making way for the positive day. Living away from home opens up your mind, and helps you to see what you believe for yourself, not just what the walls of your home surrounding you your whole life have forced into your mind. I'm thankful for those walls though, because now that they are taken down, i am able to see how beautiful they were. I love my family and the walls that they reside in. I love my dog and the happiness that she teaches me. I love my life and the experiences that it brings to me each and every day. How beautiful.