Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Say hello to the Yellow Mountains! Talk about gorgeous. Talk about unique. Talk about God's perfect artistry. This was the #1 place that I didn't want to miss out seeing before heading back to the land of red, white, and blue, so Janny and I went last minute this past weekend.
China has taught me so many things about myself- it's brought out the best, and it's brought out the worst. Just like these glorious mountains, China has chiseled the clumsy Julie Dumas of the past into a more defined, articulated girl of the present. One of the things China has shown me however is my slight fear of heights... never knew I had it, but apparently it's in full force. From an old bridge suspended over the Yandang Mountains to the 100 floor observatory in Shanghai and this cable car taking me up to the Yellow Mountains, I've had my fair share of heebie jeebies here in China.

Come everyone, and make an appointment with the views. I'll show you why China has grabbed ahold of the part of my heart where beauty resides....
So these two pictures pretty much define the past 5 months of my life. If you're not Asian, you're automatically a superstar when you come to China just because you look different. Yes, these are 2 of the fan clubs that I picked up on this trip. It's crazy how excited these people get when they see a foreigner... I don't understand it... This group on the bottom had Janny and I do a photoshoot with their company flag. Pretty funny stuff. This is just one of the dozen group pictures that we took haha. Oh Chinese people... 
It's so strange that this adventure is coming to a close here in just under 2 weeks. From the Yellow Mountains to all of my "yellow" friends, I've caught the "yellow fever" big time. I know that my arrival back in the States plus the factor of time will try to cure me of this fever, but they have no chance. I'm forever dedicated to this love. I love these people, I love everything they are about, I love their knowledge of Christ's love despite their drought of the actual teachings of Him. These people know what's up. They've definitely shown me what's up as they have taken me in and loved me over the course of my adventures here in China. 
Oh China, how I love you.

Monday, December 9, 2013


Suzhou is so gorgeous. Check out some of my pictures from the weekend!

Haha these boys wanted pictures with us. You always feel like a superstar in China, it's great.

CHRISTMAS IN CHINA! Apparently Suzhou is not lacking in holiday cheer like my city is...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

hostel love.

I'm officially in love.... with hostels. The moment I saw our hostel when we arrived, I could feel my obnoxious excitement building inside of me. I always know when the insane excitement is coming on and I know that it will eventually be out of control, but I really just cannot help it when I'm surrounded by pure magic like this hostel. We traveled to Suzhou this weekend and spent our 2 days exploring gardens, being celebrities, eating dumplings galore, shopping, and making friends at this hipster hostel. Check out the amazing vibe of this place! Seriously, if you are traveling, I totally recommend doing it the hostel way. And being a spendy 35元 a night (a whole $6), they have yet to disappoint. 


Just some Chinese guys singing covers of Jason Mraz and such. The translations were hilarious, but dang, were they good! With videos of helliskiing playing behind them, the vibe was so sweet.

Our new friends Chris and Cody, some of the coolest Chinese I've met so far. Their English was perfect, their taste in music, books and movies top notch, and their friendship the best around. We spent Saturday night hanging out with them. 

Pictures of Suzhou to come!

Friday, December 6, 2013


Tis the season for broken heaters, a country full of Buddhists, and smog days rather than snow days! Mmm smog, beautiful smog. I don't think this is the kind of "white Christmas" everyone dreams of... nonetheless, schools across the country canceled classes today giving students a "smog day" rather than the traditional "snow day." 
It's definitely an interesting holiday this year as I spend it away from my family... but not only am I away from my family, I'm away from a culture that celebrates Christ and all that he has lovingly done for us. Without Christ, there is no Christmas. But do not be sad everyone! Christmas cheer has been brought to Yangzhong! With the day starting off white as smog, I figured it was a perfect way to kick off the holiday season...
We pulled out the dusty tree leftover from past teachers and decorated away while eating homemade pizza, banana bread, and apple cider. Yes that is a random combination, but you need to realize that China is THE MOST random country in this world. Here in China weird is normal and normal is weird. Just how it is.

Yes everyone, you can still decorate a Christmas tree when you're livin' the ghetto life. 

And thanks to the ghost of teachers past, we have had Christmas decorations up since we arrived in August! I'm just so amazed that they had the patience, and time, to cut out EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. LETTER. SNOWFLAKE. REINDEER. ORNAMENT. MUSIC NOTE. 
A very merry kickoff to the Christmas season happened in Yangzhong today. I hope everyone at home is having a magical one as well, and staying cozy as you cherish your time spending it with your families. I love China. I love Christmas. I love can openers and how they keep you from having to stab a can of tomato paste open with a butter knife in order to make pizza. I love daisies trimming my tree. I love Yangzhong. I love my family, and I love making way for the positive day.

Monday, December 2, 2013

nǐ hǎo, december.

And so the last month of China begins... I'm taken aback at how fast life goes, about how sweet moments become to you, about how strange change is. I'm scared to enter the real world again, scared to return home and feel like China was a dream. Life is so surreal. With the gift giving season approaching, I plan on wrapping up my present of China that God has given me, and keeping it tucked away to unwrap slowly as the rest of my life unfolds upon my arrival back to reality. 
China, I love you. 
Hello December.