Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last year I traveled the world, last month I parted with some best friends only to make new ones here in Rexburg, last week my roommate wrote me a letter that made me happy, last night Abby Baire made me laugh, this morning the prophet invited me to go on a mission. Today I am blessed. Every little smile each day just reminds me of everything that I'm blessed with. With the cozyness that I felt in my heart  because of conference today, it put me in the perfect mindset to sit down and remember the girl that's inside of me, the potential that I'm blessed with, and the choices in my near future that I will have the opportunity to make. Do I take the internship in DC? Do I do the study abroad to Jerusalem? Do I be a Girls State councilor? Do I be an EFY councilor? Do I continue to focus on dating and marriage? Or do I go on a mission? I'm not sure which way my life will take me, but whatever it is, I'm excited. As for now though, I'll just continue to live it up here in Rexy with my new best friends Lindsey, Maddie, Kara, Abby, and Cheyanne. I'm one blessed girl. I love them. Today is makin' way for the positive day.