Thursday, December 29, 2011

holly jolly

 Christmas Eve dinner
 I got just a tad carried away with wrapping this year...

 Still leaving cookies and milk out for Santa. And don't forget the carrots for the trusty reindeer.

 Lucy's successful Christmas
 Makin' my way to the 'big' table. No longer sitting at the counter:) Obviously I'm a little too excited.
 After Lucy ran away again on Christmas night, sleeping outside all by her lonesome, we decided to get her a tag. It's hot pink and she loves it. On it it reads, "If Lucy has gone exploring, please call her concerned family at..." Lucy loved her Christmas present.
I hope you all had a holly jolly Christmas! While I drove to the dentist this morning, it wasn't even 10 and it was already 50 degrees outside.... in the winter... in Idaho... Anyone wanna go wakeboarding today?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

glitter shoes!


....After:) I found these shoes at TJ Max for my brother's wedding and thought they needed a little extra "something"... so this is what I chose! Thank you pinterest! Happy positive day everyone! Can't wait to strut it at the wedding:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

christmas in the city.

I took these when we went down to watch the tree lighting in Boise. Merry Christmas everyone! Stay warm. Today is a positive holiday day.

Friday, December 2, 2011


So I've been meaning to put this up for a while but I promised Jake that I would dedicate a post to him. So here you go Jake Thibault. I'm proud to declare you the first male to check out my blog... that I know of.

Anyways, today I went to the basketball game and we won, way to go boys. The best part about it was at the end our student section started chanting, "If you're winning and you know it clap your hands-clap, clap-", and so on, and then they went on to sing, "If you're losing and you know it clap your hands". They then pointed to the other school and the students clapped. I thought it was pretty creative, and funny. Anyways, that made my day a positive one. Oh and Jake, you make every day positive.... haha.

This is Jake really getting all he can out of his scriptures in Seminary.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today is a positive day. Why? Because I am thankful for my friends this week. I'm thankful for those friendships that make their way through the weeds and blossom just when I need them too. Thanks guys:)

Annika, who came into my life when my hopes were lookin a little cloudy. Man do I love foreigners.

Lucy for always bein' my best bud and always knowing just when I need a good snuggle.

My sister in law Krystal for marrying my brother. I love having a sister. My bro was one lucky guy. Can't wait to see you guys next week!

My future sister in law Briana for always knowing how to cheer me up, talk to me about boys, or do something totally crazy that just makes you love life. I can't wait till you're a Dumas:)

My cello girls, Jeanine and Lexie, for always making me laugh my head off, take pictures, and make so many funny memories.

Cade and Clay, for never failing to make me laugh...... and give me butterflies haha.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

meine lieblings deutch freund.

this is my friend Annika.
she is from Germany.
we met in photography and became best buds.  
and now we are sisters. Annika makes life fun.

today is a positive day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

gold mine of braiding fine.

I found a blog full of awesome braiding techniques and styles. I can't wait to try them. Check em out!

messy rope braids and low bun hair tutorial

 Messy Rope Braids hair tutorial - side and tassel earring
messy low bun and tassel earring and neck tattoo

Hair+Side fishtail braid hair tutorial  video

messy side fishtails  in  low ponytail

waterfall braid, Partial French Braid Cascade Hair Tutorial -back   , wedding hair, braids, hair tutorials, how to french braid, half french braid, pretty hair styles

waterfall braid, Partial French Braid Cascade  Hair Tutorial

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

totes faves.

This post is dedicated to Summer Ann Moffat. I hope that it will totes make her hap hap. It's a list of my fave things, as inspired by Sum. I will start this post with a quote, provided by Summer.
"hahahahah thats totes awes.
you are cra cra.
ju. you dar.
that was for darling.
i <3<3 abbreives!"
And now, for my favorite things.

My favorite round shaped fruit is a coconut.

My favorite name that I will one day name my daughter is Nermal, because it is the closest name to normal. She will braid her hair, knit herself sweaters, and have a pony.

My favorite outfit to wear.

My favorite t-shirt.
(if you can't see it, it reads "A family that stays together, preys together", and has a beautiful picture of a bear feasting on a man with the bear cubs nearby).

My movie star crush is Jack Black, but mostly just Nacho. Is he single?

My favorite time to eat hot dogs.... midnight. I always crave them around that hour for some reason.

 My favorite smell is hands down the post office... the one in Eagle though.

And my favorite youtube video goes to.......... this wonderful young man. Well it's my favorite at the moment.

Wow, I am a strange person.