Tuesday, February 14, 2012

winter formal.

This year for winter formal I decided to ask Sean Pinder…. Sean is quite the character… one time when I took him home from mission prep this is what he said while getting out of my car... he said, “Julie, I’m sorry that we didn’t take this opportunity to make out.” Another time Sean just came up to me and said, “Julie, remember when you were a freshman and ugly?” I was instantly stunned and then decided to ask what that made me now. His response was, “freakin hot!” I asked what happened between now and then and he said estrogen. What a strange creature Sean is.
Because of his strangeness, the day was A BLAST.  We went to dinner at Fork in downtown Boise, with Sean making it clear and known that he hated it. Then we went to Aspen leaf and laughed our heads off. Then we headed to the dance and grooved our booties and then ended the night bowling in all of our wonderful formal attire. It was SUCH a fun night. The other couples in our group were Tanner and Clara and Alyssa and Clay.


  1. My BFF named Julie is a hottie.
    All the boys are saying I gottie(have her). Everything she knows is from what i taughty.
    She is not naughty
    cause she dresses moddie.

  2. HAHAHAHHAHAAHAH I love it alli. that reminds me of today in fitness I was making a rap about everything. the one I made for Breck goes like this, "Breck, as tan as an Aztec." there were others but they have slipped my mind. I will now dedicate one to you, my new BFFFFF, Allison Emily Bingham. It's emily right?
    My BFF named Alli is SO gnarly.
    Wherever she is, you know there's a party!
    I'm so sad she's no longer in my wardy.
    But hey don't worry! Because we'll be best friends till way after 40!