Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This week has been a bit flakey-in two ways. I'm having a hard time relying on my dreams and aspirations do to the fact that I'm back at home, the place that I kissed goodbye when I was ready to head out to my wanderlust journey, but also, it snowed... a lot. Boise at large is one big snowflake. The next three months at large are one big flake. I feel like coming home just puts my dreams on hold, and that there is really nothing here that I can use to progress in life. I think this post is more for myself to remind this slightly discouraged Julie that the "Positive Day" is closer than I think, it could be tomorrow, it could even be today. I just need to quit living in that negative way, and make way for the positive day. Right now I am trying to focus on the "make way" part. I hope that we can all notice the beautiful details that each day presents, and turn a flakey day into a snowflakey day. Happy snow day Boise!

Lucy would rather be inside.
But instead she's out trying to catch snowflakes.

Today holds so much contrast...
... just try taking a closer look... 
...it might change your perspective. It's up to you how you choose to deal with that contrast. 


  1. Love this Julie! Especially the pics with the message on perspective... I needed to hear that today thanks :)

    Love you girl:)

  2. I love the post, and I love the contrast. Especially the tree contrast. mmmmmm, beautiful.