Tuesday, October 18, 2011

totes faves.

This post is dedicated to Summer Ann Moffat. I hope that it will totes make her hap hap. It's a list of my fave things, as inspired by Sum. I will start this post with a quote, provided by Summer.
"hahahahah thats totes awes.
you are cra cra.
ju. you dar.
that was for darling.
i <3<3 abbreives!"
And now, for my favorite things.

My favorite round shaped fruit is a coconut.

My favorite name that I will one day name my daughter is Nermal, because it is the closest name to normal. She will braid her hair, knit herself sweaters, and have a pony.

My favorite outfit to wear.

My favorite t-shirt.
(if you can't see it, it reads "A family that stays together, preys together", and has a beautiful picture of a bear feasting on a man with the bear cubs nearby).

My movie star crush is Jack Black, but mostly just Nacho. Is he single?

My favorite time to eat hot dogs.... midnight. I always crave them around that hour for some reason.

 My favorite smell is hands down the post office... the one in Eagle though.

And my favorite youtube video goes to.......... this wonderful young man. Well it's my favorite at the moment.

Wow, I am a strange person.

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  1. Haha, I love this video... Nope, just Chuck :)