Friday, December 6, 2013


Tis the season for broken heaters, a country full of Buddhists, and smog days rather than snow days! Mmm smog, beautiful smog. I don't think this is the kind of "white Christmas" everyone dreams of... nonetheless, schools across the country canceled classes today giving students a "smog day" rather than the traditional "snow day." 
It's definitely an interesting holiday this year as I spend it away from my family... but not only am I away from my family, I'm away from a culture that celebrates Christ and all that he has lovingly done for us. Without Christ, there is no Christmas. But do not be sad everyone! Christmas cheer has been brought to Yangzhong! With the day starting off white as smog, I figured it was a perfect way to kick off the holiday season...
We pulled out the dusty tree leftover from past teachers and decorated away while eating homemade pizza, banana bread, and apple cider. Yes that is a random combination, but you need to realize that China is THE MOST random country in this world. Here in China weird is normal and normal is weird. Just how it is.

Yes everyone, you can still decorate a Christmas tree when you're livin' the ghetto life. 

And thanks to the ghost of teachers past, we have had Christmas decorations up since we arrived in August! I'm just so amazed that they had the patience, and time, to cut out EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. LETTER. SNOWFLAKE. REINDEER. ORNAMENT. MUSIC NOTE. 
A very merry kickoff to the Christmas season happened in Yangzhong today. I hope everyone at home is having a magical one as well, and staying cozy as you cherish your time spending it with your families. I love China. I love Christmas. I love can openers and how they keep you from having to stab a can of tomato paste open with a butter knife in order to make pizza. I love daisies trimming my tree. I love Yangzhong. I love my family, and I love making way for the positive day.

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