Sunday, December 8, 2013

hostel love.

I'm officially in love.... with hostels. The moment I saw our hostel when we arrived, I could feel my obnoxious excitement building inside of me. I always know when the insane excitement is coming on and I know that it will eventually be out of control, but I really just cannot help it when I'm surrounded by pure magic like this hostel. We traveled to Suzhou this weekend and spent our 2 days exploring gardens, being celebrities, eating dumplings galore, shopping, and making friends at this hipster hostel. Check out the amazing vibe of this place! Seriously, if you are traveling, I totally recommend doing it the hostel way. And being a spendy 35元 a night (a whole $6), they have yet to disappoint. 


Just some Chinese guys singing covers of Jason Mraz and such. The translations were hilarious, but dang, were they good! With videos of helliskiing playing behind them, the vibe was so sweet.

Our new friends Chris and Cody, some of the coolest Chinese I've met so far. Their English was perfect, their taste in music, books and movies top notch, and their friendship the best around. We spent Saturday night hanging out with them. 

Pictures of Suzhou to come!

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